Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tired...I've Been Running Through My Dreams All Night.

Sitting on my bedside table is a Target receipt on which I scribbled notes about my dreams this morning. As I went through my morning routine I kept remembering more dreams and adding to the list. At the risk of hyping up the next few entries too much, this set of dreams just might be my most random, bizarre, and disjointed yet.

I am supposed to be driving up to DC at the moment to visit Kate, Hannah, and Sarah, so I don't have time to write all the dreams, but I will share a few:

(I don't even know where to start.)

One of the earlier dreams (as best I can tell) took place at the Blackmons' house. I had babysat the kids overnight, and I walked downstairs in the morning with breakfast on my mind. I heard the kids stirring, and Brent was the first down the stairs. We looked through the cabinets, fridge, and freezer for something I could make them for breakfast, and finally decided on cinnamon toast. (Rewind: before Brent came downstairs I saw a box of waffles in the freezer. Because there were only two waffles left, I didn't offer them as a breakfast option, with the intention of eating them myself once the kids had eaten :))

Brent went back upstairs to take a shower, and I began to make the toast. For some reason though, I kept messing it up. On my first try, I covered the slices of bread with peanut butter, then placed them in the toaster, and only then did I realize my mistakes. I tossed that batch in the trash. On my second attempt I remembered to not put the peanut butter on until after the bread was toasted. As I spread the peanut butter though, I rememebered that the kids didn't want peanut butter on their toast. On the third attempt I laid out the bread, put down a layer of apricot preserves, then cheese, and then put the creation in the toaster oven. As the cheese melted I thought, "What am I doing?? This is still not cinnamon toast!" Finally I made it correctly, but the dream ended before anything else happened.

Changing subjects completely, in another dream I was running in a cross country race. I tore through the woods on the last leg of the course, and as I came across the finish line I realized there were very few other girls in front of me. At the awards ceremony, unsure of my official place, I eagerly listened for the results. Mallory came in first. There was a tie for second. Catherine Tudor finished third! I proudly stood on the block with Mallory and the others and accepted my medal. (Yes, a medal. Cross country is a big deal in my dreams.)

I do need go now, but there are nine more items on my dream agenda, including aliens, kleptomaniacs, and a 50 percent off sale at Wal-mart. Stay tuned :)

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