Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tired...I've Been Running Through My Dreams All Night.

Sitting on my bedside table is a Target receipt on which I scribbled notes about my dreams this morning. As I went through my morning routine I kept remembering more dreams and adding to the list. At the risk of hyping up the next few entries too much, this set of dreams just might be my most random, bizarre, and disjointed yet.

I am supposed to be driving up to DC at the moment to visit Kate, Hannah, and Sarah, so I don't have time to write all the dreams, but I will share a few:

(I don't even know where to start.)

One of the earlier dreams (as best I can tell) took place at the Blackmons' house. I had babysat the kids overnight, and I walked downstairs in the morning with breakfast on my mind. I heard the kids stirring, and Brent was the first down the stairs. We looked through the cabinets, fridge, and freezer for something I could make them for breakfast, and finally decided on cinnamon toast. (Rewind: before Brent came downstairs I saw a box of waffles in the freezer. Because there were only two waffles left, I didn't offer them as a breakfast option, with the intention of eating them myself once the kids had eaten :))

Brent went back upstairs to take a shower, and I began to make the toast. For some reason though, I kept messing it up. On my first try, I covered the slices of bread with peanut butter, then placed them in the toaster, and only then did I realize my mistakes. I tossed that batch in the trash. On my second attempt I remembered to not put the peanut butter on until after the bread was toasted. As I spread the peanut butter though, I rememebered that the kids didn't want peanut butter on their toast. On the third attempt I laid out the bread, put down a layer of apricot preserves, then cheese, and then put the creation in the toaster oven. As the cheese melted I thought, "What am I doing?? This is still not cinnamon toast!" Finally I made it correctly, but the dream ended before anything else happened.

Changing subjects completely, in another dream I was running in a cross country race. I tore through the woods on the last leg of the course, and as I came across the finish line I realized there were very few other girls in front of me. At the awards ceremony, unsure of my official place, I eagerly listened for the results. Mallory came in first. There was a tie for second. Catherine Tudor finished third! I proudly stood on the block with Mallory and the others and accepted my medal. (Yes, a medal. Cross country is a big deal in my dreams.)

I do need go now, but there are nine more items on my dream agenda, including aliens, kleptomaniacs, and a 50 percent off sale at Wal-mart. Stay tuned :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tall 2-Pump Hazelnut Nonfat No-Foam Latte, Por Favor

For a few weeks I was having trouble remembering my dreams... or maybe I was just out of the habit of writing them down. They are, however, reemerging abundantly and vividly.

One of last night's dreams began with a babysitting job, and lots of setting/character shifting took place. I met one of my old neighbors, and she drove me to her ex-husband's house to watch their three boys. His house was in my mom's neighborhood, but in a different cul de sac. We walked in, I met the boys, then followed their mother into another room.

The first dream shift took place here; suddenly we were walking through the halls of Tuckahoe Elementary (which in my dream was supposed to be Freeman.) As we entered a classroom, the mother was no longer herself, but Miss McGlinchey... with a strong Asian accent... and she was teaching Spanish rather than a physics. She said, "Why don't you just join the class instead of babysitting?" I decided to give it a go.

It happened to be the day of a test, which I began while sitting on the floor in the front of the classroom. I struggled to recall my Spanish from high school, but still turned in my test before most everyon in the class. Then I turned and saw Charles sitting beside me, also done with his test. We conversed loudly about a guy that I knew... or liked... or was dating... all I remember of the conversation was Charles saying, "Wait... you haven't MET this guy yet??" and laughing.

I wondered what was taking everyone so long to finish (other than the two people speaking loudly in the front of the room.) I happened to turn around and look at the board, and I saw a few more questions that were supposed to be completed on the back of the test! Because the teacher had stepped out of the room, I dug through the pile of completed tests, found mine, and attempted to complete the final questions. One of the questions was a chart regarding various Starbucks products. The nicknames of the drinks were given (in Spanish) and we had to fill in a.the actual name b. the number of calories in the drink c. a description and d.whether people generally like it. I thought, "Yes! I've got this in the bag... I know the calorie count of EVERYTHING!"

The first drink on the list was, "della," which I interpreted as an abbreviated version of, "cafe de el dia," or "coffee of the day." Zero calories. This was going to be a breeze. Before I finished filling in the chart, though, the teacher walked back in and said our time was up. I tried to reason with her saying that it was my first day in the class, and a few extra minutes would allow me to finish. She didn't waver. She took my incomplete test, and I left the room, annoyed. Walking to the parking lot I thought, "I didn't even get paid for babysitting!"

In the parking lot, which was mostly empty, I realized I had no idea where I'd parked my car. After walking all around and not seeing it, it occurred to me that my car may have been towed because I didn't have a parking pass. Shoot. I found someone I knew and asked what was done with unauthorized cars. She said, "Oh, they take them to the prison." "The prison?? What prison?" I replied with much skepticism in my voice. She corrected herself saying, "Not the prison... the old factory." Again, I questioned her and finally said, "Do you mean the watch tower in the driver's ed parking lot?" Yes. That is what she meant.

We crossed the student parking lot, jumped over a wall, walked into the driver's ed lot, and approached an old, run-down building. We slowly pushed open a door and looked into the dimly lit, cob-webby ("dusty" just doesn't cut it,) warehouse-like room. We saw lots of old factory equipment, but no cars.

Just as I was beginning to feel disheartened, Grandma Tudor called and woke me up. While I usually don't like to be woken from dreams, I was relieved to find that it had only been a dream, and my car had not vanished.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Return of the Dream Blog

I apologize for my lack of dream-sharing in the last few weeks, and I hope no one's quality of life diminished at all during that time. Today I'm jumping back in:

In my most vivid dream last night (I always say, "last night," but it is probably more accurate to say, "this morning," considering most of my time spent sleeping is in the early morning rather than night... Oh well...) I was training for a race, and had not done a quality training session in a while (uh, that part might be accurate.) I walked out of my apartment, at which point I realized that the race I was training for was not simply running: I had to place both hands on a skate board and push it. I positioned the board in the middle of the street facing east and began to run. I felt tired and knew I shouldn't have put so much time between my training runs. At one point I tried to lift the board up a little so that only the front wheels were on the ground, but it occurred to me that this would be an illegal advantage during the race because fewer wheels mean less friction. I put the board back down and continued to run. I turned left on a street, then left again to make a loop back to my apartment. As I approached the end of my run I glanced at my watch: almost 9 minutes. Terrible. When I finished, however, I looked at my watch again and saw that I had misread it the first time; I actually finished in 8 minutes 25 seconds, and I felt rather pleased with that.

In a second dream I walked through a parking lot and saw the mom of one of my youth sitting on a blanket with one of her younger children. I said hello and kept walking to a freezer (in the parking lot? Yes.) where I pulled out (what else but) a box of waffles. I took two waffles out of the box and began walking towards a toaster (that I never actually saw in the dream.) I remember thinking, "This feels strange... I don't usually have to carry my waffles this far in the morning..." Well, Catherine, you don't usually eat them in a parking lot. On my way to the toaster, the mother I'd seen earlier called to me and asked if I could pick up her daughter's sippy cup that had rolled under some cars and now sat between two of them near where I walked. No problem. The cars were parked very close together, so I walked sideways between them. Before I could reach the sippy cup, however, I realized I was wedged between the cars and could not move in either direction. I called back to the woman and apologized for not being able to fulfill her request, and then I asked her to help dislodge me from the cars. She walked over, took my left hand, and successfully pulled me out. Sorry, sippy cup.

Yes, the dream blog is back in action. Enjoy :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Warning: Rated R for Violence

(No, really.)

When this nightmare opened I was standing in line at the movie theater, waiting to see New Moon by myself. Immediately after buying a ticket for the 10:24 a.m. show, a friend walked up and told me that a bunch of people were hanging out and that I should join. The next thing I remember is a group of about ten people sitting around the perimeter of a small room. A friend--to disguise his identity due to the content of this dream we will call him "Dan"-- who was sitting to my left, pulled out a handgun, turned to his left, and began shooting everyone in the head one by one moving clockwise around the room. No one seemed scared, and no one appeared to be angry at him. Before he reached me I stood up and walked into another room thinking, "This is obnoxious, but I don't think he plans to shoot me." I poked my head back in the room and casually said, "Dan, why are you doing this?" He said, "It's just what we do," as he pulled the trigger and fired a bullet into my head. I fell backwards, and everything faded to black. I didn't bleed, but I was aware that my head was in excruciating pain. All of a sudden I could see again; I wasn't dead. I stood up and walked back into the room, still in a lot of pain, and looked at Dan as if to say, "What the heck?" He looked confused, then raised the gun again and shot me in the chest. Again I fell and blacked out. This process repeated, and I was shot again in the head, and then once in the gall bladder (yeah, I have no idea.) At that point I became aware that, with four bullets still in my body (still no blood though,) I might be dying. I felt like I had a terrible migraine, and it hurt my chest to breathe. At that point I wanted to die. (Interesting note though: when I realized how much pain I was in I felt annoyed because I knew I wouldn't be able to run in the morning :))

I begged him to shoot me again, to just end it, but then I realized there were people supporting me; I then felt embarrassed that I had been so ready to give up. Suddenly I was sitting on my back deck, and my dad and some other man were loading guns that were much bigger than Dan's. Apparently others had survived because my friend that invited me to the gathering yelled at Dan saying, "This is not a joke! I don't care if it's just what you do... people are DEAD. Kevin is DEAD. It's not funny!"

Then we were inside again, and it was night. I hobbled out the door alone, still in severe pain, but still not bleeding, and began walking down an alley. I reached a point where the light from the street lamp no longer reached, and there was only darkness ahead of me. I sensed something in the darkness and knew I shouldn't go any further. I turned around and hobbled as quickly as I could back to the door, afraid that whatever was lurking in the darkness was right behind me. I made it safely back inside and found a friend (not someone I actually know, but a friend in the dream), crying on the floor by the back door which was wide open. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "While you were gone he came back, and I shot him... I got him..."

I became aware that it was 10:30 a.m., and thus too late to be let into New Moon. Ten bucks down the drain. The dream ended when I said, "Not to be dramatic, but I think I might need to go to the hospital... I have four bullets in my body."

I was glad when I woke up this morning not in excruciating pain, although I opted for blogging instead of running anyway.

FaLaLaLaLa, Santa, Ho! Ho! Ho! (Target Commercial? Anybody?)

I don't eat weird things before bed...usually. Sometimes I'll watch an episode or four of my latest show on Still, when I mentally replay my dreams as soon as I wake up, I often wonder how the heck all those things got in my head. I haven't yet looked into whether dreams cause sleep to be less restful, but I have been needing a good ten hours a night in order to feel rested in the morning. My dreams from last night may require multiple entries:

1. Actually, I can't share this one just yet because it involves Ross's Christmas present. I bought it yesterday and laughed all the way to the register. The dream about it makes me laugh as well, which is why I even bother sharing this: because it's good... real good. I will write about it and post it after Christmas :)

2. I can't always discern the order of my dreams in a given night, but this one definitely occurred just minutes before I woke up. I dreamed that I opened my gmail and received a comment from a complete stranger on my last blog entry. The comment said this: "Your writing is very choppy, and all your sentences are the same. They sound like, 'duh-da-duh-da-duh-da-duh.' Still, your blog is one of my favorites... probably top 10... because your dreams are so vivid." Or something like that. Despite the compliment, I couldn't see past her criticism of my writing. I think I have great sentence variety. Needless to say, I felt relieved when I did check my gmail and saw that I received no such comment.

3. In another dream I had to give Elizabeth a set of questions by Friday. The questions were typed on a strip of paper that was about an eighth of a full page, and the strip was folded twice. I slipped it in my back pocket, climbed on my bike (which I do not actually own), and rode to her apartment. In waking life, there is a somewhat funny story that relates to Elizabeth's apartment. The first time I picked her up, she directed me to the parking lot in the back of the complex, so the next few times I visited her, that is where I parked. I had never seen the front of the complex and didn't even know where it was because there is no cut-through from front to back... they are on completely different streets. It became sort of a joke when groups of us hung out there--when it came time to leave, most everyone walked out the front door together, and I left through the back.

Well, that isn't entirely relevant to my dream, except that when I biked to her apartment I did go to the back parking lot (even though I have since found the front :)) The dream took place during the day, and because I have never been there during the day, all of a sudden there were parking attendants and fees. I decided to park my bike by a parking meter, and I inserted a dime which bought me 20 minutes. Plenty of time to run up the back stairs, slip the questions under Elizabeth's door, and return to my bike. Then it occurred to me that I didn't have a lock for my bike. I panicked. Surely someone would steal my bike in that time. I saw a guy parking his bike by the meter next to mine, also without a lock, and I felt a little comforted; perhaps if I made a run for it, no one would take my bike. I ran--initially the wrong way--found her apartment, went up the stairs, slipped the paper under her door, and ran back down. I could feel and smell the sweat. Thankfully my bike was still there. Mission accomplished.

That'll do for now. But stay tuned... plenty more to come!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Calm the Storms That Drench My Eyes

Last night while watching an episode of What About Brian (my new Hulu indulegence now that I have seen every episode of Greek and The Secret Life of the American Teenager,) I saw a public service announcement from the EPA featuring babies in green socks crawling around a house. The "go green" message (though not the babies) crept into my dream, which was sort of November 22nd T-rexish in nature.

When the dream opened I was standing in a crowd beside two tall buildings. People had been warned against doing something (eco-UNfriendly, I assume) to the foundation of the buildings, but for whatever reason the warning had been ignored. As we stood there the ground began to shake, and I knew the buildings were about to explode, which would then cause a natural disaster. I ran to my car, turned the key in the ignition, and listened to the radio as I tried to back out into the mass exodus of cars. Someone on the radio said, "One out of every three people trying to escape by car will die." Shoot.

I drove until I reached a familiar building, at which point I parked my car and went inside. The hallways were empty and the lighting looked dark blue--reminiscent of Titanic when the ship is sinking and Rose runs back below deck to rescue Jack. Silent except for the sound of impending doom outside. I walked up the inclined hallway and saw two people through a half-open door at the end of the hall. I opened the door and saw that it was William--our media specialist at church--and... his mom? They said the building would only be safe for a few more minutes, and even as we spoke I turned around and saw water rising in the hall. I don't know if prior to this I knew what kind of natural disaster was going to take place, but at this point I knew it was a flood. Interesting though, it never rained in the dream; water was just rising from the ground where the two tall buildings had been.

I ran out of the building, trying to find higher ground, and realized I was standing at a fork in the dirt road. I looked down the right path and saw water rising; left still appeared dry, so I ran. Up ahead I saw a few kids from the youth group, all aware that something serious was happening, but lacking the appropriate urgency. I took one 6th grade girl (Emily) by the hand, and we all ran. I thought, "We are all going to be so close when this is over!" We saw people sitting in boats, waiting, and knew we needed to find a boat.

At some point the group evolved into me, Emily, Ross, Donnie, and Selina, our contemporary worship leader. We decided to go to the bay, figuring there would be plenty of boats. I have no idea how far away the bay was or how we got there, but all of a sudden we were there standing on a dock. It was almost night, and we knew the water was continuing to rise (apparently not at the bay) and destroy things. We waited in a boat house until finally we received word that the flood had ended! Although we were taling about a flood, the news came more with the attitude of, "The war has ended." We jumped and cheered and hugged each other.

The next morning--though we never slept... the scene just skipped ahead-- there was a celebration gathering of all the boats. We (six of us at this point) paddled into a crowd of hundreds of boats wearing white ninja masks and cheering for our ninja team. (Last night during youth praise team practice I walked out of the balcony, singing to myself, and as I turned the corner to go down the dark stairs, Donnie was standing right in front of me. If you've ever spent an hour with me you know that I am very easily startled, so when I saw Donnie I gasped and flailed my arms, hitting my hand on the wall. Without cracking a smile Donnie said, "Sorry... I'm training to be a ninja." :) Hence Donne and the boat of ninjas... I don't know about the rest of it though.)

Is sleep less restful when you dream a lot? If so, I guess this saga of a dream explains why I often need 9-10 hours of sleep at night!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Like A Million Parachutes...

Two dreams stand out from last night. In the first, a lot of my friends were at Nags Head. When I realized so many people were gone, I decided to just pack up and go for a few days. I was in my room at my mom's house rather than my apartment, and I threw four or five string bikinis (which I do not actually own) in a suitcase. As I zipped the suitcase it dawned on me that it was Sunday, and I work on Sunday... I couldn't just leave! I thought, "I will wait until after youth group tonight, and then I will drive down to the beach," but then I remembered that I work on Mondays too. This dream likely came about because last Thursday (also a work day) I did just leave and drive to the mountains to hike because it was a beautiful day. Was it worth it? You be the judge:

In my second dream last night I was skydiving with some friends. Sort of. A group of us stood in a plane which flew fairly low to the ground--maybe three stories high-- and we each held a helium balloon. One by one we jumped out of the plane, and our single balloons slowed us down like parachutes as we floated to the ground. Spotts and I couldn't stop laughing when we landed. Who knew you could actually do that?? We decided, considering our "parachutes" were just plain balloons, that we could do it ourselves, and we planned to buy ten balloons each and take turns jumping off roofs.

What if...